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Basic Accessories

Click Scanners come with their specific Calibration Kit.

Calibration Kit

The Calibration Kit is a planar surface with a pattern of circles, placed on a bended support.
Every calibration kit is measured and analized with high-precision machines.
The measurement is then saved on a xml file and every kit has it's own xml description file.
The kit is used to recalibrate the optical head of the scanner.

It's really important to handle the kit with care and to avoid touching the planar surface. Every modification of the planar surface, like scratches or dirt, can make the calibration system unreliable.

Calibration plate.jpg

Optional Accessories

Triple Impression Holder

The triple impression holder is provided at the moment of purchase of the Triple Impression Scan Module and it allows to scan 2 individual impression trays (upper and lower) together with a vestibular bite reference.


Vestibular Trays

Open Technologies also provides the vestibular trays to take the patient's bite reference and scan it together with the individual trays in the triple impression holder.


They come in three sizes.


TouchScreen Monitor

1Clik can also be used with any kind of touchscreen monitor.
Open Technologies provides Dell 24 – P2418HT LED-backlit LCD monitor.



1Clik can also be used with any kind of 3DMouse (item not provided by Open Technologies- to be purchased separatedly).